Full Room Remodels

Larger and longer projects like a full room remodel truly require someone who can see the whole picture. Being prepared to pull flooring down to the subfloor, expose framing, replacing drywall and adding insulation are just the beginning. Changing fixtures, painting and adding your final touches will bring you the room of your dreams!


Basic construction, framing, insulating and otherwise editing the structure of your home. These tasks are both harder to visualize and also more rewarding when completed. Looking for a custom built shed or to remove a door? Hit me up!


Whether you're looking to have your hardwood floors refinished, carpet upgraded, or a floating bamboo floor installed, I've got the experience and excitement necessary to make your room shine - from the ground up!


From building new, renewing old, or refreshing existing decks with a new coat of stain, I can help!

Custom Designs

Got a project that's a bit out of the box? Those can be my favorite! From cabinets to furniture to bat houses, let's make your dreams come true.

Assembly and Mounting

Assembling IKEA furniture might actually be my calling in life. Everything from bookshelves to couches to cabinets. It would be my pleasure to come help you set up your new living space, hang shelves, get that new giant TV hung above your mantle or whatever your next project calls for!